School Life

Living Faith

Through daily prayers, religious and family life education programs in the classroom and in the parish, students are shown the value of a faith filled life. Through sacraments, priests classroom visits, the seasons of the church year and school masses, we celebrate meaningfully as a Catholic Christian community.

Excellence in Learning

All students and staff strive for excellence using their unique God given talents. Teacher training and development foster a positive learning environment where students value the love of learning.


Sports plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of our students. All students are encouraged to be active and have fun by participating in physical education classes, team sports, house leagues and sports programs such as golf, curling and skiing.

Social Justice

Students learn about social justice issues through strong staff role models, religious education and community involvement. Each of us is called to respect all life and to be of service to others in need.

Co-curricular Activities

All students are welcome to represent our school in many co-curricular activities made available to them. Participation and good sportsmanship are our focus. Students are encouraged to do their best and to have fun.